Celebrity Kitchens: TLC Edition

Hey Appliance Fans,

Remember when TLC stood for “The Learning Channel” and they actually had programming related to making you smarter? I do.  By the late 90’s, they veered away from educational programming and aired such thought-provoking series like Toddlers & Tiaras and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding; cutting-edge stuff, indeed.  It’s been some time since my last installment of Celebrity Kitchens (check out part 1, part 2, and part 3) so I thought doing a TLC edition would be fitting because unlike TLC shows, you will learn something in this post.  Without further ado, let’s get snarky!

The Duggar Kitchen from 19 Kids and Counting

Picture of the main cast of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting"

And that’s not even all of them!

These people weird me out.  There, I said it.  On the bright side, they seem extremely friendly, warm, and an overall lovely family.  They still weird me out.  Anyway, let’s do a little math about matriarch Michelle Duggar:

Assuming each of her pregnancies took nine months, we can multiple that by the number of children (19) and get a total time of being pregnant (TTBP) of 171 months.  Divide that by the number twelve and that gives us the TTBP in years of 14.25.  WOW.

Here’s a fun fact about patriarch James Robert Duggar:  people call him “Jim Bob” and he actually likes that.  Yikes.

Let’s take a look at their kitchen:

Wide angle picture of the kitchen in TLC's 19 kids and counting

Seeing double? They have two of everything!

When you’re cooking for 19 people, you need appliances.  A lot of appliances.  The Duggars chose Frigidaire for their kitchen.  The picture below shows two 30-inch gas cooktops installed side by side.  They have a 60-inch wide hood insert above the cooktop to provide ventilation, but I can’t tell what company made it.  Below the cooktops are two 30-inch wall ovens from Frigidaire.   The kitchen also features two dishwashers, two microwaves, and two warming drawers.

Picture of Michelle Duggar using one of her cooktops to make sandwhiches.

Look at those beautiful Frigidaire appliances!

What you very often don’t see is they have a full commercial kitchen off of their main kitchen which really provides the bulk of the cooking.   You can get a glimpse of the hidden kitchen in this video below when they make pie for Thanksgiving:

Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus Eight

Title picture of the TLC's Kate Plus Eight

I’ll admit it, she looks fantastic for having eight kids.

Our showroom is located in Pennsylvania and Kate’s kitchen is located in Pennsylvania so that basically makes us long-lost friends.  When she’s not annoying me, she’s annoying me.  And when she’s not annoying me, she’s cooking in her Dacor kitchen.  Check out Kate standing next to her 48-inch Dacor Dual-fuel range.  I love this range because it has six burners instead of eight burners like many other 48-inch ranges.  A six burner design instead of eight gives more working room on the cooktop.  This Dacor range still has two ovens just like other models, one main oven and one companion oven.  Behind her in the cabinet is a Dacor wall oven and microwave above it.

Image of Kate from TLC's Kate Plus Eight baking cookies

She must have replaced Jon with a Dacor wall oven and microwave.

Normally, I can’t tell what type of hood insert is used in celebrity kitchens because it’s hidden behind the cabinetry.  The shot below allows me to see up and into the hood and that hood insert is made by the one and only Ventahood.  They manufacture some of the best range hoods on the planet.  Be sure to read all about my trip to Ventahood’s headquarters.

Image of Kate from TLC's Kate Plus Eight cooking

Look at that gorgeous Ventahood doing hard work!


The Little Couple

Picture of TLC's Little Couple in their kitchen

Little People. Impeccable taste.

I can’t really say anything snarky about Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, also known as The Little Couple.  Any jokes would just make me look like a bully.  Jennifer is a successful doctor and a cancer survivor and Bill…  Well, I don’t know too much about Bill because I’m a guy and I don’t watch crappy shows like this.  I watch quality programming like In Search of Bigfoot and Ancient Aliens.  Anyway, to design a kitchen for the Little Couple, a lot of planning needed to be done like lowering countertops while still being able to fit appliances.  I simply LOVE their appliance choice: BlueStar.

TLC's Jennifer Arnold from Little Couple with her BlueStar Cooktop

Love the back-splash and the color-coordination.

That’s a 30-inch wide French door gas wall oven by BlueStar in the background.  Don’t ask me the specific color because BlueStar offers 190 different colors and my eye isn’t that good.  On the countertop to their left rests a 36-inch wide BlueStar cooktop.  This cooktop puts out some serious heat and is perfect for searing steaks and boiling big pots of pasta.  To their right, they have a Kitchenaid dishwasher installed in the island.

Image of TLC's Little Couple kitchen

That’s the tallest hood duct I’ve ever seen!

The most interesting aspect of their kitchen, in my opinion, is the hood.  Though it’s too hard to decipher the exact brand, we see that they opted for a chimney style hood.  Normally, chimney style hoods come with a flue that can adjust for ceiling heights up to eight feet high.  For ceiling heights taller than eight feet, manufacturers offer longer accessory flues for nine or ten foot ceilings.  In the case of the Little Couple’s kitchen, they needed a much longer flue because of their lowered countertops.  They more than likely contracted a sheet metal fabricator to create a custom flue to reach the ceiling because I don’t know of a brand that sells chimneys like that.

Incidentally, we’ll be having another BlueStar day in our showroom on Wednesday, August 6th from 6-8:00pm.  Order any BlueStar range and receive a free color upgrade or purchase a BlueStar rangetop or cooktop and receive a free knob color upgrade!

Mamma June’s Kitchen from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Image of TLC's Honey Boo Boo

Isn’t she just precious? Don’t ask me.

I really wish Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was called There Goes Honey Boo Boo, because this family’s 15 minutes of fame should be up by now.  In the hierarchy of dumbing down America, I can’t think of another show that sits above this one.  I won’t go into too much detail about their kitchen other than to say they mimic the Duggars with some Frigidaire products, but you can check out this video to get a tour of their house.  A quick tip if you ever visit them: Don’t, I repeat DON’T sit on their couch.

As a side note, we carry every brand mentioned in this post.  Until next time, America!

Charlie Sheen

Celebrity Kitchens — Part 3

“A celebrity is any well-known TV or movie star who looks like he spends more than two hours working on his hair.” – Steve Martin, Celebrity

Hey Appliance Fans,

This is my third installment of celebrity kitchens and I’m feeling the pressure to make this entry just as snarky and mean spirited as my other ones.  Believe it or not, making fun of people is hard work despite my Irish bitterness.   If you’ve read the first or second article, then you know Viking was the winner in most of the kitchens we looked at.  The Viking trend continues with Sub-Zero and Wolf making a splash.  So without further ado…

Rob Lowe

Founding member of the brat pack and star of many cancelled TV shows and crappy movies.  Actually, now that I think about it, he’s been in a lot of great movies like Wayne’s World, Tommy Boy, and Austin Powers.  Ok, so they’re not Oscar winners, but still fun movies nonetheless.  What a career!  I mean, this guy was having sex tape scandals in the 80’s waaaayyyy before it was hip to do so.  I’m looking at you Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Rob because he was in one of my favorite shows of all time: The West Wing.  Anyway, let’s take a peek into his kitchen and find out what’s going on:

Heeelllloooo Sub-Zero and Wolf!  There’s a lot going on here so let’s break it down starting with the 60” all gas Wolf Range in the background.  There’s a hood insert above the range which we’ll assume is Wolf as well.  On the left wall we see a Wolf microwave with trim kit, a single `L` Series oven, and a warming drawer with pro handles.  In the island Rob, or more likely his designer, stashed some Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers and a dishwasher.  I can’t say for certain which dishwasher he has, but my best guess is that it’s an Asko.  On the right side of the shot we see the mother of all refrigerators: Sub-Zero’s Pro-48 with glass door.  Folks, that’s 850 pounds of refrigerator (the entire right side) and freezer (the entire left side).  The interior is completely stainless steel and boasts tons of capacity.  If you ever want to see this in person, we have it displayed in our showroom.

Christina Aguilera

My one, true love.

As much as the celebrity kitchen series is about being snarky, I can’t say anything mean about Christina.  She’s an angel and one of my all-time favorites—great voice and great to look at.  She can do no wrong in my book unless you’ve see some of the outfits she’s been wearing as a judge on NBC’s The Voice.  I’m no stylist and apparently her stylist isn’t either.  Sheesh.   A little fun fact about her kitchen: it used to be the Osbourne’s kitchen.  You know, as in Ozzie Osbourne—the dark lord of heavy metal and an I-can’t-understand-a-freaking-word-he-says accent. Shall we see what’s in her kitchen?  Of course we shall!

It’s a hybrid kitchen of Viking and Sub-Zero!  There’s a 60” inch Viking range all the way in the back and let’s assume that there is a Viking hood insert providing ventilation.  Look at the refrigeration.  What you’re seeing is a 36” Sub-Zero all freezer on the left and a Sub-Zero 36” all refrigerator on the right.  That’s some serious capacity and obviously a serious statement assuming the “statement” above the range isn’t good enough.  It took me about ten minutes to figure out that it spelled “Apopcalypse” using famous fonts from iconic symbols of American culture.  No lie.  Check it out: the `ca` is clearly from Campbell’s Soup and the `s` is the font on the cover of Superman comics.  Side note: if you haven’t figured out that I’m a nerd by this point, now you know.  Either way, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it above the range looks like Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga had a love child that grew up to be a kitchen designer.  Fail.  BUT, as I mentioned before, Christina can do no wrong so I would proudly stand beside her even with this kitchen.  The Viking range helps a lot.

Gwyneth Paltrow

If actors were like race horses, Ms. Paltrow would be a thoroughbred.  No, I’m not calling her a horse.  I’m saying that she is 100 percent pure Hollywood.  Her mother is actress Blythe Danner and her father is director/producer Bruce Paltrow.   Don’t forget that she’s won a Screen Actor’s Guild Award, Golden Globe, and an Academy Award for her performance in Shakespeare In Love.  Yeah it was a good movie, but I couldn’t stop thinking that people had horrible hygiene back then and everyone in London must have smelled absolutely awful.  I digress.  When she’s not co-starring in quite possibly the best comic book movies ever made (Iron Man I & II) and naming her child “Apple”, she’s busy cooking.  Seriously.  She named her kid Apple.  With facts like that, making fun of her is a piece of cake!  By the way, I CHALLENGE you to find a bad picture of Ms. Paltrow on the internet.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…….nothing?  That’s what I thought.  Anyway, let’s see what she’s got in her kitchen.

Another hybrid kitchen and this is a serious hybrid kitchen.  Starting all the way in the back is a 60” Viking range with griddle and grill and the high-shelf backsplash.  We see yet another hood insert providing ventilation so let’s assume that it’s a Viking as well.  Check out what I think is a Viking toaster on the counter to the left of the range.  On the right side of the counter is what appears to be a Cuisinart Griddler.  I know this because I have one so there’s my six degrees of separation from Ms. Paltrow complete in one degree instead of six.  Next to the sink looks like a Miele dishwasher.  On the left side of the picture we see quite the setup.  At the bottom is a Sub-Zero wine unit.  Above the wine is a Miele built-in coffee system and above the coffee maker looks like the Miele speed oven.  Incidentally we have a Miele coffee system in our showroom and it makes an incredible cup of coffee. In the far left corner, we get glimpse of the refrigerator, but I don’t have enough information to identify what brand it is.  I think it would be very safe to assume Viking or Sub-Zero and most likely Sub-Zero because the wine unit is a Sub.

Charlie Sheen

Step right up, Charlie!  Isn’t he the PERFECT choice to put in the celebrity kitchen series?  It’s like he posed for this picture knowing that one day The Kieffer’s Guy would write about his kitchen.  I could devote about 10,000 words to his “winning” ways.  I mean, he fits the definition of celebrity train wreck.  Between making movies; doing drugs; hiring prostitutes; tweeting; and starring in TV shows, I can’t imagine he has time to cook.  I was actually really surprised to find out that he has real appliances in his kitchen.  I always imagined his kitchen looked like this:

The only thing being cooked in this kitchen is the “Heisenburger”.

Instead, his kitchen looks like this:

Not quite the meth lab I had imagined…

When you’re made of Adonis DNA, I guess you’re permitted to hang your hood WELL above normal installation parameters and decorate with a hideous cowhide rug.  Please, please, please don’t hang your hood that high above your range.  Doing so gives more space for the smoke to spread around your kitchen rather than be sucked up through the hood.  Speaking of the hood, I can’t tell what brand it is.  What I can tell you is that it’s a pro-style 48” wide hood.  The range, however, is a different story.  Welcome Bertazzoni to the celebrity kitchen series!  Chuck is cooking on a 48” Bertazzoni range with a griddle.  For those not familiar with Bertazzoni, it’s an Italian company based in Guastalla.  Although they’ve been around for over a century, they were made available in the U.S. in 2007.  They do a good job of mixing a pro look with a modern European look.  Fun fact about Bertazzoni: they use the same painting factory as Ferrari.  True story.  If you get a colored range from them it basically means you’re buying a Ferrari.  Bertazzoni; however, isn’t priced like Ferrari’s.

For the life of me, I can’t tell what brand of refrigerator he has.  I just can’t get a good look at it, but I can tell you that he has Miele dishwasher (pictured on the right next to the sink).  What’s my favorite part of this kitchen you ask?  The stone floor.  How sweet is that?

Needless to say, Kieffer’s Appliances sells all of the products I’ve mentioned, so come on in and let me make you a cup of coffee from our Miele coffee system.  I’ll talk your ear off.  Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

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Annoying alert!

Celebrity Kitchens – Part 2

Hey Appliance Fans,

Let me tell you a little story about an unknown blogger with a big heart and a big dream.  In 2011 he won a Home Builders Association Pyramid (Del-Chester Chapter) award for “Best Use of Social Media” for a blog about appliances.  This year, with an even bigger heart and a little-engine-that-could attitude, he won the 2012 “Best Use of Social Media” Synergy Award from the Home Builders Association (Del-Chester / Bucks-Mont Chapters).  That little blogger’s name is The Kieffer’s Guy and his dream is this blog.

Ok, I think I might need a bigger dream… So with that in mind, let’s dream big and look at some more celebrity kitchens and make snarky comments at the same time!  If you want to read my first installment of Celebrity Kitchens, you can by clicking here.

Ellen Pompeo

I’m pretty sure that every woman on the face of the planet watches “Grey’s Anatomy”.   Whether you watch it for McSteamy or McDreamy doesn’t really matter — eventually you’ll stumble upon Ellen because she’s like the main character and stuff.  As a guy, I can’t stand this show which I’m sure is a shock to you.  I like to think of Ellen from the movie “Old School” (classic Will Ferrell).  So let’s see what she has in her kitchen:

The anatomy of Ellen’s kitchen is Viking.

If you remember the first Celebrity Kitchen post, Viking was the overwhelming winner in many of the kitchens.  Well, Ms. Pompeo carries on that tradition.  What you’re seeing is a Viking 36” free-standing refrigerator.  On the left is clearly a Viking range, but I can’t tell which one.  It’s either the 48” or the 60” dual-fuel.  There is some stainless cabinetry on the right of the picture and it looks like there’s a dishwasher there, but it’s too hard to tell what brand.  My best guess, and it’s just a guess, is Kitchenaid.

Ricky Martin

He used to be a celebrity, does he still qualify?  I think he’s still a big star internationally, but this is America and we don’t care about someone’s stardom overseas.  Though he might be “Livin La Vida Loca” on a daily basis, his kitchen is far from “loca.  A lot of cabinetry, in my opinion, and that’s about it.

I need something to tie this kitchen together. Too plain!

There is a Wolf double `L` series oven on the left and you can see a Wolf Range (looks like dual-fuel) and Wolf hood in the background.  Because I’m seeing a lot of Wolf product in the shot, I’m assuming that behind some of that cabinetry sits a Sub-Zero refrigerator.  I really like the flooring and the overall feel of the kitchen, but am I wrong to think that there is just something missing?  It has so much potential to be a warm, inviting kitchen, but it comes across very cold because it’s missing something that ties everything together.  Here’s an idea: how about just adding a bowl of fruit on the counter?  That would go a long way.  Sheesh.

Sheryl Crow


Be still my beating heart.  Since I showed her former main squeeze’s kitchen in the last post, I figured that I would have to include her.  Fun fact about Sheryl Crow, she used to teach elementary school music.  I’m thinking her students’ fathers never missed their child’s parent/teacher conference.  Also, she used to sing backup for Michael Jackson.  History teaches us that all Sheryl wants to do is, “have some fun” and she has a feeling that she’s not the only one.

I wish she was my music teacher when I was in school.

From what I can tell, there’s not much going on in her kitchen.  There’s some wine storage on the left side, but it’s REALLY hard to judge what brand.  Sub-Zero?  U-Line?  I don’t think it’s Marvel.  Some things that I really like about her kitchen: AWESOME aquarium and the huge breakfast bar/sitting area.  You’re right Sheryl, one really could have fun in this kitchen.

Jennifer Lopez

Annoying alert!

No, really, I trust her.  She’s still “Jenny from the Block”…if your block is freaking Beverly Hills. Zing!  Oh Jenny, you can dance and you can sing and you can act.  Unfortunately, you can’t do any of them well.  One thing you can do REALLY well is get married.  And then get divorced.  And then get married again.  And then get divorced.  And then get married again.  And then get divorced.

But good `ol “Jenny from the Block” has exquisite taste and that’s why she installed this incredibly elegant Cornue Fe range from La Cornue.  BOOM.

Things not found on “Kieffer Guy’s Block”

Gerard Butler

Why don’t you be handsome somewhere else?!

I hate this guy.  Ok, you’re right, hate is a strong word.  So I’ll just say that I hate this guy.  Why you ask?  Oh, I don’t know.  He’s good looking, a movie star, and rich.  Does that help?  I can’t stand guys like him because he could grow a beard like a long lost member of ZZ Top, not bathe for a month, wear an “I Kill Kittens” t-shirt, and the ladies would still swoon.  The ladies swoon for me too and by swoon I mean run for the hills — hence my job as a blog writer and a not a cast member of “The 300”.

And the final reason I hate him: out of all of the kitchens I’ve commented on, this is by FAR the coolest, most awesomey kitchen.  Yes, I just created a word: awesomey.

Gerard Butler Kitchen

I hate to say it, but this is the coolest celeb kitchen I’ve seen so far.

Thermador reigns supreme in this kitchen.  He has a built-in Thermador refrigerator, wall oven, microwave, and warming drawer.  Note the awesome Thermador in wall coffee system on the left side.  Also pictured is a Thermador range top and matching hood and a Thermador dishwasher just next to the right of the sink.

How warm is this kitchen?  I mean, I just want to live in it and call it my own and never share it with anyone.  Check out all of the reclaimed wood that was used for the cabinetry (note the Thermador pro-handles on all of the cabinetry too).  The flooring is so cool and the awesomey stone wall behind the counter is just off the charts.  The best part is the rustic island in the middle.  Man I hate this guy.

Obvious statement: Kieffer’s Appliances sells all of the products mentioned.

-The Kieffer’s Guy

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Time To Judge! (Celebrity Kitchens Part 1)

Hey Appliance Fans,

You can’t make this stuff up….I mean, you can.

Today’s post allows me to showcase just how cool my job is: we’re going to look at pictures of celebrity kitchens and comment on them.  What fun, right?!?  I mean, celebrities are constantly being judged in the tabloids and since this blog has the journalistic integrity of The Weekly World News, I figure I have the right to judge these kitchens.  Nothing captures the holiday season more than bitterly judging famous people.  And without further ado….

Iron Chef Michael Symon

Am I more iron? Or more chef?

Why WOULDN’T we want to see what these celebrity chefs have in their kitchen?  We all know Michael Symon from Food Network’s Iron Chef.  He’s the guy that brought back Cleveland’s restaurant scene (have you ever been to Cleveland?  I didn’t know it had a restaurant scene to lose).  He has described his cooking as “meat-centric”.  You had me at “meat-centric”.

Michael is CLEARLY all about Viking.  He’s got the double wall ovens, what looks like a 48” range top, and of course the built-in refrigerator on the right side of the picture.  Note the toaster oven on the counter top and the counter top coffee maker.  How much you wanna bet he uses that toaster oven more than his wall ovens?  I’m thinking this is the classic case of “the shoe maker’s children have no shoes”.  I bet he makes peanut butter and jelly more times than he makes rack of lamb in this kitchen.   Obviously this has an ULTRA modern look, which isn’t my cup of tea, but a lot of people seem to like this look.

Justin Timberlake

I found a picture that makes Justin look uglier than I am!!

Let’s put some things into perspective here:  Justin is a 31 year old mega –singer and sex symbol.  Oh yeah, he’s now starting to make more and more movies.  So how much time do you think he spends cooking?   The bigger question is: how much time does the Kieffer Guy spend wishing he was Justin Timberlake?  I will not answer that.  Anyway, let’s pop the hood and see what he’s got in his I’m-cooler-than-you’ll-ever-be kitchen:

The dude LOVES Sub-Zero and Wolf.  He’s got the `L` series double ovens, what looks like a 36” rangetop with black knobs, and a built-in microwave.  Not sure what the wine unit is, but he clearly has the Sub-Zero Pro 48 without the glass door as his refrigerator.  I don’t want to speculate on what his ventilation is, but I’d imagine it’s Wolf considering the other cooking appliances are Wolf.

Tracy Morgan

Maybe you know who he is, maybe you don’t.  And that pretty much sums up his career: sometimes he’s funny, most of the time he isn’t.  You may have seen him on Saturday Night Live (see any of his skits when he plays Star Jones from “The View”) and he currently stars on the NBC show 30 Rock.

Clearly this guy likes stainless steel and Viking (and the color red).  So far, this is my favorite kitchen.  Check out the 48” range and matching hood.   I can’t really tell if all of his under counter cabinetry is actual cabinetry or if there are some refrigeration units in there.  It looks as if his dishwasher is on the right side of the picture, and it’s too hard to tell what brand he has washing his dishes.  The wine unit he has LOOKS like a Sub-Zero, but I can’t say for certain.

Angelina Jolie

Do I even need to explain who she is?  Tomb Raider, Girl Interrupted, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith are just some of her movies, but she’s most famous for marrying Billy Bob Thorton; carrying a vial of his blood around her neck; and generally being a crazy whackadoo.  Oh yeah, she’s also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

Not much to go off of in this picture.  The refrigerator looks like a Thermador, but the handles are different from what I’m used to from Thermador.  The dishwasher is just too difficult to identify – it could be a Miele.

Lindsay Lohan

Her complexion lends itself to “Prison Orange”

She used to be famous for doing movies, now she’s famous for doing drugs and being an overall mess.  I like to think of her as the female Charlie Sheen.  We’re all waiting for her to go down in flames, but in the meantime, let’s look at her kitchen:

I can’t see a darn appliance in this whole picture, which is REALLY strange, right?  I mean who doesn’t put any appliances in their kitchen?  And then it hit me: you don’t need to cook alcohol and cocaine.  Yes, I went there.

Lance Armstrong

Seven consecutive Tour de France winner (a record), cancer survivor, and overall winner.  His greatest achievement?  Dating Sheryl Crow.

Update Post Oprah Interview:  Probably not as much of a winner as we originally thought…

This is my FAVORITE kitchen so far.  Just look how warm and inviting it is.  Once again Viking is a winner here.  From this angle it looks like a 48” or a 60” range with a griddle.  There looks like some kind of awesome coffee system on the right, but I can’t tell what brand.  Below the coffee system is some more stainless steel goodness, but I can’t tell what it is (maybe a microwave?) or who makes it.

Will Smith

Being located in the Philly area, I HAD to find a Philadelphia celebrity to feature.  Enter, Will Smith.  In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on a playground is where he spent most of his days.  Now…….not so much.   Instead, he’s chilling in his ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA modern kitchen:

One word describes this kitchen: MIELE.  Miele cooktop, ventilation, wine, in wall coffee system, double ovens, and either a speed or steam oven (next to the coffee system).   The only thing I don’t know anything about is the refrigerator.  Look closely at the handles.  There is no vertical handle to open the refrigerator portion of the unit.  It looks like there are two horizontal handles.  One for the freezer and one for the refrigerator.  My best guess is that someone made a custom door front to a Miele refrigerator (when you have Will Smith money you can do stuff like that).  I don’t know for sure if it’s Miele refrigeration, but it’s a good guess considering everything else in the kitchen is.

Jennifer Aniston

How could I mention Brad Pitt’s current main squeeze and NOT mention his former main squeeze?   She doesn’t know it yet, but we’ll be together someday.  And when that day comes, I will serve her the best Ramen Noodles she’s ever had using her Viking 36” range with six burners.

Lady Gaga

The hat keeps the government’s brain scans away.

Born on the planet Zantar, Ms. Gaga decided to leave that boring world and crash land in America – where she can be accepted for her dresses made of meat and whatever else she finds in a dumpster behind her local Arby’s.   You’d think that a person dressed like this would have a kitchen that looks like this:

The word of the day is “Gaga”

Turns out as crazy as she seems, she’s got a normal kitchen.  Too hard to decipher what she is cooking on, but I had to share this anyway:

Shameless Plug:

Kieffer’s Appliances sells ALL of the products shown in the pictures.

A  Personal Shameless Plug:

Ms. Aniston, I cook and clean and I’m super funny.  Look me up!

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-The Kieffer’s Guy