Miele Showroom Princeton, New Jersey

My Trip To Miele

Hey Appliance Fans,

You know what Movember is, right? It’s that time of year (the month of November) when real men like me grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Don’t be surprised if you come into our showroom and see some wonderful moustaches, beards, and maybe even a Fu Manchu on some of our salesmen. Not only is November “Movember”, it’s also Mielevember. What’s Mielevember, Kieffer’s Guy? Good question. Mielevember is the month that I celebrate all things Miele, and I’d like to start by showing you some images from my visit to Miele’s North American headquarters. By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce Miele, my favorite way to remember is that it rhymes with tequila (MEE-luh).

Unlike my visits to Viking’s HQ or Vent-a-Hood’s HQ, traveling to Miele isn’t a long trip. Located in Princeton, it’s just under a 90 minute drive to get my Pennsylvanian butt over to Jersey (or is it pronounced Joyzey?). For anyone seriously considering Miele appliances, it’s a great place to visit. Not only is the staff super knowledgeable, they are extremely friendly and helpful.

Miele Showroom Princeton, New Jersey

The entrance to Miele’s HQ. I think my one leg is shorter than the other. Sorry for the less-than-level picture.

Miele Cooktop Display

ooooooo cooktops and hoods.

Miele cooktops and hoods

Even more cooktops and hoods!

MIele Wall Ovens

All of the Miele Wall Ovens. ALL OF THEM!

Practically every Miele appliance is on display. From cooktops to wall ovens and coffee systems to refrigerators, anyone visiting Miele’s HQ can quickly get a sense of what it would be like to furnish their kitchen with Miele products.

If you’d like to schedule a visit at their showroom, give them a call at (800) 843-7231 ext. 1002 and tell them the Kieffer’s Guy sent you.

The next installment of Mielevember will talk about a very special event at Miele’s HQ that you can take advantage of, and bakers, you don’t want to miss this news.  Until next time, America!

Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Kitchen Design Contest

Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Image

Attention, designers! Do you have an awesome kitchen design that features at least one built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator and a Wolf range, cooktop, rangetop, or wall oven? Want to submit your project and not only receive national recognition, but also some cash money? Want me to stop asking questions? Ok, fine.

Sub-Zero and Wolf is sponsoring their 2013-2014 Kitchen Design contest and it’s available for kitchen designers, architects, interior designers, builders, and remodelers plus it’s FREE to enter!

This is a great opportunity to show off your skills and earn some “street cred” for your work. The icing on top is the up to $45,300 in cash and prizes.

There’s just one catch: if you enter the contest because you read this post and win, you have to share a portion of your winnings with me, The Kieffer’s Guy.

But in all seriousness, you can find out everything you need to know by visiting the Kitchen Design Contest website.

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

P.S. If you’re interested in seeing a boatload of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, you can visit our showroom.  We have over 2,000 square feet dedicated to the Sub-Zero and Wolf product line.

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Customer Kitchens: Part II

Hey Appliance Fans,

The Kieffer’s Guy is off today, and after much begging and brown-nosing, he let me have the honor of writing a blog post! So today’s post is brought to you by the Kieffer’s Intern! Please hold your applause until the end, and contain yourselves.

A couple of months ago  we asked our clients to send us pictures of their finished kitchens and you guys did not disappoint. As always, we will keep you anonymous while we showcase your before/after shots. Today’s kitchen re-model comes from Flourtown, Pennsylvania, and features some beautiful appliances. Let’s take a look.

Before Pictures:


Picture of old stainless steel double-oven in wooden cabinet

Historical records indicate that Abe Lincoln made hot pockets using this double-oven.

Past-model gas cooktop with under cabinet ventilation above

We received a call from the 70′s, asking us to return their funky-fresh tile work.

Older model stainless steel refrigerator sitting proud of the cabinets surrounding.

In the design world, there’s a concept called “Integration”. This is not it.


Now I know what you’re thinking, be nice. From what I understand, this was a very old house.  For the new kitchen, our client used a variety of brands such as Liebherr, Wolf, GE Monogram, Electrolux, Bosch, and Ventahood.  The transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

After Pictures:

Image of a GE Advantium Oven model ZSC2201NSS

Check out this Advantium Speed Oven, Model: ZSC2201NSS


GE Monogram is a wonderful brand and our client put it to good use. What you see here is GE Monogram’s built-in oven that features their famous Advantium Speedcook technology. This appliance can cook crescent rolls in less than 10 minutes!

An image of a GE Monogram Oven Model ZET1SMSS

Here’s a 30-inch convection wall oven from GE Monogram, Model: ZET1SMSS


In this picture, you see the 30” built-in wall oven from GE Monogram. The way it sits flush under that counter gives it a smooth, integrated look. Love it! Let’s talk about that fridge because it’s a beautiful example of integration.  What you see (barely) to the left of the oven is Liebherr’s 36-inch refrigerator with bottom freezer, model HC2061. Among a great number of features, this unit includes Liebherr’s patented BioFresh system, which calibrates the temperature of the refrigerator in one of its drawers to just above freezing which adds to the life of meats, fish, and other items.


Image of a Bosch dishwasher model SHX7PT55UC

Look at that sexy Bosch dishwasher, model SHX7PT55UC

You can’t just say “We have the quietest dishwasher in the country” and not have the data to back it up. This Bosch dishwasher clocks in at 42 dBA, making it about as loud as a whisper. Expandable wings on its flexible 3rd rack, also known as a cutlery tray, provides extra height to fit measuring cups and extra-large utensils.

Image of Wolf's 30 inch cooktop model CT30GS and a Ventahood, model SLH9130SS

Wolf’s 30-inch gas cooktop, model CT30GS with Ventahood’s 30-inch undercabinet hood, model SLH9130SS)

When it came to the cooktop and hood, our customer chose to keep the design the same, but she upgraded the hardware. This 30-inch cooktop from Wolf is fantastic. It has a dual stacked burner design that reaches upwards of 15,000 BTU’s, delivering tons of heat. You can also turn down for a simmer with no boiling or scorching.

Everybody knows the Kieffer’s Guy loves Ventahood, and for good reason. This unit, from their Emerald series, features Ventahood’s patented Magic Lung technology. Magic Lung technology allows Ventahood to have the quietest blower around. In stainless steel, it matches the cooktop perfectly, making for a beautiful cooking setup that is both functional and efficient. Great picks on the cooking and ventilation appliances!

Image of Electrolux washer EIFLS60LT and gas dryer EIMGD60LT

Titanium washer from Electrolux, model EIFLS60LT and matching gas dryer, model EIMGD60LT

Although not a part of the kitchen, the laundry appliances are very important. Here, our customer chose to go with an Electrolux pair.  These models feature Electrolux’s IQ-Touch Controls which lets you see all of your washing/drying options at all times.  The dryer boasts steam technology and the washer features a quick wash cycle that’s just 15 minutes long!

Well, that’s it for today, appliance fans! If you have any questions about any of the appliances in either one of the kitchens, give us a call at 215-699-3522.

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Intern

BlueStar Day at the Kieffer’s Appliances Showroom – August 6th 6-8pm

Hey Appliance Fans,

It’s that time of year again!

I’m happy to announce that Kieffer’s Appliances will be hosting another BlueStar event on August 6th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Our friend and BlueStar specialist Steve Cramer will be to answer any and all questions. I will definitely try to be there, but I was unfortunately selected for jury duty.

Judge: “Welcome to Jury Selection, everyone..”


Blue Star Event Flyer. Wednesday, August 6th, from 6-8pm

Stop in from 6:00-8:00pm to get a great deal on a BlueStar and meet our Specialist!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

Celebrity Kitchens: TLC Edition

Hey Appliance Fans,

Remember when TLC stood for “The Learning Channel” and they actually had programming related to making you smarter? I do.  By the late 90’s, they veered away from educational programming and aired such thought-provoking series like Toddlers & Tiaras and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding; cutting-edge stuff, indeed.  It’s been some time since my last installment of Celebrity Kitchens (check out part 1, part 2, and part 3) so I thought doing a TLC edition would be fitting because unlike TLC shows, you will learn something in this post.  Without further ado, let’s get snarky!

The Duggar Kitchen from 19 Kids and Counting

Picture of the main cast of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting"

And that’s not even all of them!

These people weird me out.  There, I said it.  On the bright side, they seem extremely friendly, warm, and an overall lovely family.  They still weird me out.  Anyway, let’s do a little math about matriarch Michelle Duggar:

Assuming each of her pregnancies took nine months, we can multiple that by the number of children (19) and get a total time of being pregnant (TTBP) of 171 months.  Divide that by the number twelve and that gives us the TTBP in years of 14.25.  WOW.

Here’s a fun fact about patriarch James Robert Duggar:  people call him “Jim Bob” and he actually likes that.  Yikes.

Let’s take a look at their kitchen:

Wide angle picture of the kitchen in TLC's 19 kids and counting

Seeing double? They have two of everything!

When you’re cooking for 19 people, you need appliances.  A lot of appliances.  The Duggars chose Frigidaire for their kitchen.  The picture below shows two 30-inch gas cooktops installed side by side.  They have a 60-inch wide hood insert above the cooktop to provide ventilation, but I can’t tell what company made it.  Below the cooktops are two 30-inch wall ovens from Frigidaire.   The kitchen also features two dishwashers, two microwaves, and two warming drawers.

Picture of Michelle Duggar using one of her cooktops to make sandwhiches.

Look at those beautiful Frigidaire appliances!

What you very often don’t see is they have a full commercial kitchen off of their main kitchen which really provides the bulk of the cooking.   You can get a glimpse of the hidden kitchen in this video below when they make pie for Thanksgiving:

Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus Eight

Title picture of the TLC's Kate Plus Eight

I’ll admit it, she looks fantastic for having eight kids.

Our showroom is located in Pennsylvania and Kate’s kitchen is located in Pennsylvania so that basically makes us long-lost friends.  When she’s not annoying me, she’s annoying me.  And when she’s not annoying me, she’s cooking in her Dacor kitchen.  Check out Kate standing next to her 48-inch Dacor Dual-fuel range.  I love this range because it has six burners instead of eight burners like many other 48-inch ranges.  A six burner design instead of eight gives more working room on the cooktop.  This Dacor range still has two ovens just like other models, one main oven and one companion oven.  Behind her in the cabinet is a Dacor wall oven and microwave above it.

Image of Kate from TLC's Kate Plus Eight baking cookies

She must have replaced Jon with a Dacor wall oven and microwave.

Normally, I can’t tell what type of hood insert is used in celebrity kitchens because it’s hidden behind the cabinetry.  The shot below allows me to see up and into the hood and that hood insert is made by the one and only Ventahood.  They manufacture some of the best range hoods on the planet.  Be sure to read all about my trip to Ventahood’s headquarters.

Image of Kate from TLC's Kate Plus Eight cooking

Look at that gorgeous Ventahood doing hard work!


The Little Couple

Picture of TLC's Little Couple in their kitchen

Little People. Impeccable taste.

I can’t really say anything snarky about Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, also known as The Little Couple.  Any jokes would just make me look like a bully.  Jennifer is a successful doctor and a cancer survivor and Bill…  Well, I don’t know too much about Bill because I’m a guy and I don’t watch crappy shows like this.  I watch quality programming like In Search of Bigfoot and Ancient Aliens.  Anyway, to design a kitchen for the Little Couple, a lot of planning needed to be done like lowering countertops while still being able to fit appliances.  I simply LOVE their appliance choice: BlueStar.

TLC's Jennifer Arnold from Little Couple with her BlueStar Cooktop

Love the back-splash and the color-coordination.

That’s a 30-inch wide French door gas wall oven by BlueStar in the background.  Don’t ask me the specific color because BlueStar offers 190 different colors and my eye isn’t that good.  On the countertop to their left rests a 36-inch wide BlueStar cooktop.  This cooktop puts out some serious heat and is perfect for searing steaks and boiling big pots of pasta.  To their right, they have a Kitchenaid dishwasher installed in the island.

Image of TLC's Little Couple kitchen

That’s the tallest hood duct I’ve ever seen!

The most interesting aspect of their kitchen, in my opinion, is the hood.  Though it’s too hard to decipher the exact brand, we see that they opted for a chimney style hood.  Normally, chimney style hoods come with a flue that can adjust for ceiling heights up to eight feet high.  For ceiling heights taller than eight feet, manufacturers offer longer accessory flues for nine or ten foot ceilings.  In the case of the Little Couple’s kitchen, they needed a much longer flue because of their lowered countertops.  They more than likely contracted a sheet metal fabricator to create a custom flue to reach the ceiling because I don’t know of a brand that sells chimneys like that.

Incidentally, we’ll be having another BlueStar day in our showroom on Wednesday, August 6th from 6-8:00pm.  Order any BlueStar range and receive a free color upgrade or purchase a BlueStar rangetop or cooktop and receive a free knob color upgrade!

Mamma June’s Kitchen from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Image of TLC's Honey Boo Boo

Isn’t she just precious? Don’t ask me.

I really wish Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was called There Goes Honey Boo Boo, because this family’s 15 minutes of fame should be up by now.  In the hierarchy of dumbing down America, I can’t think of another show that sits above this one.  I won’t go into too much detail about their kitchen other than to say they mimic the Duggars with some Frigidaire products, but you can check out this video to get a tour of their house.  A quick tip if you ever visit them: Don’t, I repeat DON’T sit on their couch.

As a side note, we carry every brand mentioned in this post.  Until next time, America!

Sub-Zero’s 42-Inch French Door Refrigerator (BI-42UFD)

Hey Appliance Fans,

I always like sharing big news with you and I know you visit the blog for inside scoops on the appliance industry. Today, hopefully, I won’t disappoint.

Up until now, if you wanted to purchase a 42-inch wide, built-in French door refrigerator, KitchenAid was your only option. Well, those days are gone and after much anticipation, Sub-Zero has just released their own 42-inch French door built-in refrigerator (model: BI-42UFD).

The best part? We have one in the Kieffer’s Appliances Showroom!

Just like their other refrigerators in the BI series, you have a choice of finishes and handles. They break down as follows:

Sub Zero BI-42UFD with light wood panels to match kitchen

My Kitchen is TOTALLY that clean. (Sub-Zero BI-42UFD/O)



This model is ready to accept a custom wood front (see the image above) and does not ship with any handles because the idea is to match the handles with the hardware on the cabinetry. If you want, you can purchase tubular or pro-style handles from Sub-Zero separately.


Same model as above, except this unit has stainless steel doors with tubular handles already on the unit.

Sub-Zero BI-42UFD/S/TH all stainless in kitchen with dark brown cabinets and hardwood flooring.

Like parking a Ferrari in your kitchen.



Again, this is the same model but with stainless steel doors and a professional style handle that matches Wolf ranges and ovens.

Sub-Zero BI-42UFD with pro handles interior

Those pro handles are extremely comfortable and handle great around tight turns!

No matter which refrigerator you choose, all of the 42-inch French door refrigerators from Sub-Zero feature 24.7-cubic feet of capacity (18.3 in the refrigerator and 6.4 in the freezer). The refrigerator compartment has six adjustable glass shelves, an air purification system, and two adjustable dairy compartments. The freezer features an ice maker with filtered water and a full-extension drawer with 2-tiered wire baskets.

Just like other Sub-Zero refrigerators, the 42-inch French door model is a dual-compressor system meaning one compressor cools the refrigerator and one cools the freezer; you never have to worry about flavors transferring from the refrigerator to the freezer or vice versa. Probably the best part about purchasing a Sub-Zero (besides longer lasting, fresher foods) is the extra year warranty you receive when our certified technicians install one of these bad boys in your kitchen.

Sub-Zero BI-42UFD with pro handles interior of freezer drawer

The pro handles are gorgeous and all… but where’s the bacon?!

Want to know more about the new 42-inch French door refrigerator from Sub-Zero? Give us a call and our staff will be happy to help you. Or come see it for yourself! Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

Customer Kitchens Part 1

Hey Appliance Fans,

We work really hard with our customers over many months to help them complete their dream kitchen, but once they accept delivery, we usually don’t hear back from them.  It’s always nice when our customers send us pictures once their kitchen is complete.  This post is the first of many posts featuring our customers’ kitchens and I look forward to sharing many more with you.

If you want to submit some pictures of your awesome kitchen filled with appliances from us, you can contact me or email your salesperson.  The more pictures the better.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep you anonymous.  Also, if you want to invite me over for dinner, I won’t complain.

The BlueStar Range Kitchen

You know that I really like BlueStar ranges and they’re made locally in Reading, PA.  What I like even more is when our customers buy a BlueStar.  Check out this 36-inch, 6 burner BlueStar range in stainless steel (model: RNB366BV1).  This range is so versatile because of its high-output open burners and its large oven that can fit a commercial size baking sheet.


BlueStar Range Customer Kitchen

One of our client’s kitchens featuring a BlueStar Range, GE Cafe Refrigerator, Ventahood Pro-Style Hood, GE Microwave, and a Bosch dishwasher.

Because BlueStar ranges are so powerful, it’s important that an adequate hood is placed above it.  In this case, the client was very smart to choose a Vent-A-Hood 36-inch wide pro-style hood (model: PRH18236SS).  With 600 CFMs of ventilation power and Vent-A-Hood’s exclusive magic lung blower system, this Vent-A-Hood will keep their kitchen free of smoke and grease for years to come.

BlueStar Range Image

A closer look at the BlueStar Range, Vent-A-Hood, GE Microwave, and GE Cafe Refrigerator

Right next to the range is a GE microwave (model: JES1142SPSS).  This little guy pumps out 1,100 watts of power while taking up very little space.  At 1.1 cubic feet of capacity, it’s certainly not the largest microwave out there, but it’s the perfect size so as not to get in the way.  To the right of the microwave is a GE Café full-depth French door refrigerator (model: CFE29TSDSS).  I heart this refrigerator not only because of its pro-style look, but also because the water dispenser dispenses ice, cold water, and it gives you the option to dispense hot water with four different temperature selections.

Wrapping up this kitchen is a Bosch dishwasher (model: SHP65T55UC).  This 500 series model is a ridiculously quiet 44 decibels and features five wash cycles and five wash options plus a third rack, also known as a cutlery tray.  Notice the lack of handle on this dishwasher.  Appropriately called a flush handle, this style provides a sleek, modern look.

Bosch Dishwasher

Sorry for the darkness, but check out this Bosch Dishwasher

The Viking Rangetop Kitchen

Viking Rangetop

A Viking rangetop, model: VGRT5366BSS and an XO hood insert model: XOI33S

What’s not to love about a Viking rangetop?  If you don’t know anything about Viking, check out my post about my trip to Viking’s HQ in Greenwood, MS.  Behind the beautiful flower arrangement on the island rests a 36-inch, six burner rangetop, (model: VGRT5366BSS).  Notice the hood?  You shouldn’t because our clients choose a hood insert. In layman’s terms a hood insert contains all of the components of ventilation system but it lacks the decorative stainless steel shell.  In lieu of stainless, wood to match the cabinetry surrounds the hood and is provided by the cabinet maker.  The insert used in this kitchen is by XO (model: XOI33S).

Though this is a bad angle, pictured to the far left is a double wall oven from Dacor (model: EO2320SCH).  This electric double oven provides all the capacity you need for holidays or parties.  Just to the left of the wall ovens is a Sub-Zero 36-inch wide refrigerator with two freezers drawers below it (model: 736TCI).  It’s covered with a custom wood panel, but trust me, it’s there.

Viking Rangetop Kitchen

Dacor double wall ovens to the left

Along the same wall with the Sub-Zero refrigerator, we see a one of my favorite appliances of all-time, Miele’s in-wall coffee system (model: CVA4066).  This unit hooks directly into a water line and grinds whole beans for each cup.  It also makes killer espresso.  Hook up the milk carafe to the appliance and you’ll be making cappuccinos in no time.

Had a long day at work or have the kids been bothering you all day?  Maybe you need some wine.  Of course, I don’t need an excuse to enjoy some wine and our clients will be enjoying tons of wine with their Sub-Zero wine unit (model: 427RG).  Pictured to the right of the Miele coffee system, this wine unit holds over 50 bottles of wine and features two independent temperature zones; one for whites and one for reds.  But the 427RG isn’t just for wine.  See the two drawers below the glass door?  Those are two refrigerator drawers that are built into the unit.  Obviously the 427RG can accept a custom wood front like you see here, but it’s also available in a stainless steel finish.

Miele coffee system

I love me a Miele Coffee System.

This wraps up our first installment of customer kitchens.  If you have any questions about any of the appliances in either one of the kitchens, give us a call at 215-699-3522.  Until next time, America!

Miele Profiline Dishwashers

Hey Appliance Fans,

For much of my adult life, I thought Miele meant dishwashers in German.  Turns out it doesn’t.  What Miele loosely, very loosely, translates to is “excellent dishwashers”. Ok, it doesn’t mean that either.  But if you’re considering a dishwasher, you should consider a Miele dishwasher.  Their models are considered European style dishwashers.  Don’t be lazy.  Read the post that I embedded into this article.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Now that you have a firm understanding of European style dishwashers, it’s time to talk about Miele’s Professional Series Dishwashers or “Profiline Series”.  You have two choices in their Profiline series: Model PG 8083 with hidden controls or PG 8080 i with front controls.

An image of Miele's Profiline dishwasher model PG8083.

An image of Miele’s Profiline dishwasher model PG8083.

Typically, dishwashers are plugged into a standard electrical outlet or hard wired into a 120volt line.  The Profiline dishwashers can be powered this way, but their real advantage is being able to connect to a 240- volt line; just like a clothes dryer that runs on electricity.  This gives Profiline dishwashers an advantage over most dishwashers and that advantage is speed.

America: “How fast is a wash cycle on a Miele Profiline dishwasher, Kieffer’s Guy?”

Kieffer’s Guy:  “A ridiculously fast 23 minutes when connected to a 240- volt line.  That’s not a typo.  In fact, that’s faster than me blushing after reading the first few pages of Fifty Shades of Grey.”

But it’s not just about fast wash times.   Though speed is the number one reason our customers opt for these units, there are a variety of other features like:

  • 9 Wash Cycles
  • Miele’s Famous 3D Cutlery Tray (on model PG8083).
  • 48 dBA Sound Level
  • AutoSensor Wash
  • Built-in Water Softener
  • Delay Start
Get a $500 Reidel Gift Card with Purchase of a Miele Profiline Dishwasher!

Get a $500 Reidel Gift Card with Purchase of a Miele Profiline Dishwasher!

To entice consumers into the luxury that is a Profiline dishwasher, Miele is offering an exclusive incentive.  If you know anything about Miele, they NEVER offer incentives or rebates; however, if you purchase a Profiline dishwasher from now until August 31, 2014 you’ll receive a $500 gift card for Riedel, the ultra-fabulous wine glass manufacturer.  Unfortunately the gift card doesn’t come with wine, but you can buy some wine and then invite me over to help you drink it.  Deal?

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

Appliance Travels: My Visit to Ventahood

Hey Appliance Fans,

If you’re on the east coast, I’m sure you’re sick of winter.  I know I am.  It’s like the polar vortex decided to sit right over my house and chill out (every pun intended) for a couple of months.  It got so bad that I decided to trade in my car for one of these:

Me heading to work.

Me heading to work.

But I’m not here to brag about my awesome new Taun Taun (I named her Buffy).  I’m here to brag about my trip to Dallas, Texas to visit the Ventahood’s headquarters.  To answer a few questions: Yes, I’m a Philadelphia Eagles Fan.  Yes, I felt dirty arriving in Cowboy Country.  No, I didn’t hunt down Tony Romo just to make fun of him, but I wanted to.

Ventahood HQ Plaque

Ventahood’s History

For those not in the know about Ventahood, they only manufacture range hoods and trust me when I say that they make awesomely delicious range hoods.   Since 1937, the Woodall family has operated Ventahood and I had a chance to meet brothers Skip and Blake Woodall during my visit.  Side note, can their names be any more “Texas”?  I don’t think so.  In 1961 the company setup shop in Richardson, Texas and they’re still located there today.  In 2005, they expanded their factory by over 50 percent to accommodate the demand for Ventahood products.  Don’t worry America lovers, all of Ventahood’s products are made in the U.S.A.

Here's a Ventahood advertisement from back in the day.  Here's a little trivia: one of the boys playing in the field is Blake Woodall.

Here’s a Ventahood advertisement from back in the day. A little trivia: one of the boys playing in the background is Blake Woodall.

Ventahood’s Style

Ventahood offers plenty of hood styles from professional models and chimney style units to hood inserts and made-to-order hoods.  These custom hoods are hand made by two craftsmen in their factory and come in a variety of finishes and colors.  Talk about exclusive.

Pictured above is one of Ventahood's original range hoods.

Pictured above is one of Ventahood’s original range hoods.

Examples of Ventahood's Designer Series Hoods.  These are super customizable.

Examples of Ventahood’s Designer Series Hoods. These are super customizable.

Under the "Hood" of a Ventahood (get it?).

Under the “Hood” of a Ventahood (get it?).

Usually you see hood inserts encased in wood to match the surrounding cabinetry.  This insert is covered in plaster and I thought this was super cool.

Usually you see hood inserts encased in wood to match surrounding cabinetry. This insert is covered in plaster and I thought this was super cool and wanted to share it with you.

Ventahood’s Magic Lung

Setting style aside, the secret to Ventahood’s range hoods is the Magic Lung Blower System.  This exclusive design not only removes smoke and heat from the kitchen, it also liquefies a tremendous amount of grease trapped in the smoke.  Once liquefied, the grease collects in an easily removable, dishwasher safe tray positioned below the Magic Lung.  Don’t forget that the Magic Lung system is also one of the quietest blower systems on the market.  For more details about its functionality, check out this post I wrote about the Magic Lung.

Vent-A-Hood's exclusive Magic Lung.

Vent-A-Hood’s exclusive Magic Lung.

Ventahood University

I can go on and on about Ventahood, but it’s probably easier to check out this video they produced.  Hosted by my buddy Bob Seloff who just happens to be Ventahood’s Chief Engineer, Bob probably doesn’t realize he’s my buddy.  HEY BOB, we had lunch together so that makes us buddies.

I really can’t complain about my trip at all.  I ate a little too much beef; I swear that’s all they have down there and I don’t think Texans know what a vegetable is (just kidding).  More importantly, I learned that the employees at Ventahood are real, they work hard, and they stand behind their range hoods.  As I walked through the production floor, I was amazed to see people crafting hoods as opposed to robots mass producing product.  It’s a concept that the Woodalls hold dear to their hearts and it comes across in every hood they make.  So from the Kieffer’s Guy to all of the hard working people at Ventahood, thank you for having me down to visit and look forward to coming back!

Until next time, America!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

Get Your Food On with Sub-Zero and Wolf

Are you redoing your kitchen?  Are you thinking about filling your new kitchen with Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances?  Do you like to eat?   If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then you need to get your butt down to the Fretz Showroom at the Navy Yard in Philly.  Fretz is our distributor for Sub-Zero and Wolf and every month they hold a demo night.  During demo night, potential customers can see the myriad of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and enjoy a gourmet feast prepared on Wolf products.  Enough of me writing, let’s get you hungry with the menu:


Click the image for closer look.


  • Brie and Brown Sugar Pecan Tartlet
  • BBQ Beef on Corn Fritter with Avocado and Chipotle Cream
  • Teriyaki Salmon on Rice Cracker with Wasabi Sauce

Here’s a tip:  These appetizers are incredibly delicious, but please don’t pig out on them because there’s a three course meal coming up.

Course 1:

Baby romaine with granny smith apples, toasted pistachios, dried cherries and gruyere cheese topped with white balsamic agave vinaigrette.

Course 2:

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Baked in a Wolf Oven.

Course 3:

Beef Tenderloin Roast

  • Seared on all sides with a Wolf Charbroiler and finished in a Wolf Oven.

Roasted Turkey Breast

  • Prepared in a Wolf Convection Steam Oven.

Steamed Asparagus

  • Prepared in a Wolf Convection Steam Oven.

Crushed Redskin Potatoes

  • Potatoes cooked in a Wolf Steamer Module.

 Lemon White Wine Sauce (for asparagus and turkey)

  • Prepared on a Wolf gas range and kept warm on low simmer

Gorgonzola Cream Sauce (for beef)

  • Prepared on a Wolf gas range and kept warm on low simmer

You’ve probably gained ten pounds just from reading the menu, but I’m sure you want to taste all of the goodness.  With that in mind, here are the dates of each demo night for your reference:

2014 Product Demonstrations

Time: 6:00-9:00pm

February 20th
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 14th
September 18th
October 16th
November 13th

You can call Fretz directly to sign-up or I can be your date.  Just let me know and I’ll put on my fancy dress.  Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

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